Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Crest, The Peace Dove, The Flower Vine... in progress...

I have three panels that are in the works this week. Of all weeks! The first is a crest I was asked to design in Stained Glass, as of now I only have the computer generated design and I am creating the multiple full size copies needed to start this project. The picture here is of the design presented to my customer for approval.

Also, I was encountered with a challenging design, the initial description encompassed a Peace Dove with a kaleidoscope type background. The final design was the one approved for the project. This one is only in the design stages. With the holidays upon us it has been hard to keep up with the studio work, but I will post photographs of the completed piece.

Finally as for prospects for this week, I have 7 panels that have been commissioned and designs have been approved. Side by side narrow windows with flowers and surprise insects and faeries. These will look delightful once installed in their permanent home. Also in the design stages. The first panel the flowers were suggested in a shade of burgundy, also presented with the option of flowers in lavender. Lavender was the color of preference.

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