Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Back to my Old Ways

At the end of 2006 and my real calling is calling loud and clear. I love art, I love glass, I love artistic glass. I have just completed my latest piece, a larger than life parrot in a rain forest setting. The job was challenging because it was so big and I was a bit rusty but soon enough I got the rhythm back and was advancing nicely. 20 years of creating stained glass can't just vanish! We delivered and installed this awesome piece last weekend. Here it is, I am proud of it, I hope whomever reads this blog enjoys it as well.

I also completed a small piece, that I liked quite a bit also. It was a fun piece to create and a needed rest from the parrot. It has been shipped and now I am just hoping it arrives safely.
(add this blog to your "favorites" check back often, I will update it with drawings of prospects, in the works and past favorites)

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Merry on Blue Creek said...

Your art work is stunningly beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with everyone in such an easily accessible way!