Thursday, October 11, 2007

Night Howling Fun!

A delightful composition to say the least. Dear to my customer's heart this panel was designed exclusively for her. Lily The Golden Retriever, Corky The Schipperke, Margaux The Rottweiler. This is how she pictures them.

Multiple techniques and types of glass were used. Fused musical notes on the white moon. Kiln fired glass. Copper foiled grapes and three different types of lead came to allow for detail and strength.

And now a photograph of these fabulously funny guys at home!

And then there is also traditional. Sometimes we just want what we are comfortable with and has survived all styles....

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elzpeth said...

thank you, olimpia! this looks exactly like our babies that used to sing in front of the mountain in el paso--the scale of our rottweiler, margaux, schipperke, corky, and golden retriever, lily--it's perfect!!! thank you so much!!