Tuesday, June 12, 2007

An Ivy on a window can never be wrong!

A classic often done in stained glass, but not as easy to render it correctly.
It is hard to tire of these details of nature, soft on the eyes yet the gamut of greens make it surprisingly interesting. The striations in glass mimic the veins on the leaves almost to perfection if the glass is chosen with care.

My customer sent me a photo of its permanent home!

A small classic Victorian detail was commissioned for a portico in Massachusetts. Not all stained glass need be big. Small antique reproductions using glass made to resemble 19Th century glass, creates the desired effect to complete the renovation of an antique house.

This week's project completed and now off to a 2 week vacation to Mexico.
Work is already lined up in the studio and once we are back, I will updating my blog again every week.

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glasspainter said...

The "small classic Victorian detail" is a convincing bit of color, complimentary mix of surfaces. Way to go! www.mcclureglass.com