Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Contemporary Vine

As promised, the absolutely fabulous pair of windows depicting an assortment of grape leaves has been completed. What a twist to a classic! Grape leaves and vines are always a favorite but this concept challenges the daunting task of combining traditional and contemporary. I do believe it has been accomplished!


Paty Tovar said...

Están hermosísimos, no sólo por los colores sino la composición también

MozziVA said...

After checking this blog site and Olimpia's web page again, I am more of a fan than I had been since she made a panel for me. Her art is absolutely beautiful. My panel, like these "Contemporary Vine" leaves can only be appreciated fully when one sees the actual piece and the rich colors. I guess that counts for all stained glass panels in a way. To stand in the room and watch from a distance when the sun is shining through the various pieces of glass in the panel and enjoying the reflection of the colors streaming into the room...that is a wonderful experience. I am a visual person, by nature and trade, and can gaze at something I find beautiful for a long time...and our piece does not even have as many colors as other panels have. Olimpia made the SK (SILENT KNIGHT) panel for me, which I gave to my husband as a birthday gift. He was (and still is!) very happy with this special piece and loves to show it to everyone who comes to our house. Now that I have seen actual windows with Olimpia's art on the web page, I know that I have found what I was looking for - when we will move to our next house some time in the future. With Olimpia's help and talent SILENT KNIGHT will become an integral part of our next home in more than one place.

Kelly said...

This is too beautiful.